Thursday, June 16, 2011

Time does fly when you are having fun

 There is not a lot to tell today. Except that I watched the movie Julie&Julia and it really got me inspired to blog! So if you haven't seen that movie yet I recommend that you go watch it! It was fantastic!

I bought a lot of other movies also today because I really am in a place where I like watching movies a lot. Now I have something to do for a couple of days!

On Saturday my mom and I are going to her best friends place and spending a night there. I'm not going to be able to blog from there, I think. I might do some small updates from my iPhone but probably no pictures and such, but I promise that there will be pictures when I come home. I will take my Canon with me so I will take pictures.

My second week on my new job is almost over! Time does fly when you are having fun!

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