Saturday, May 28, 2011

Latte Queen

My mom came home today from her little trip to Sweden and she came home bearing gifts. As always, but this time she came home with a pair of Converse All Star for me. I am still in chock! I can't believe it! I have never had Converse! I have had the cheap ones that look the same but that's it. I am so happy!
She also had some candy which is good since I ate everything I had yesterday.

And I painted my short nails white and put IsaDora Graffiti Nails on top. The color is called Latte Queen. I think it looks nice with the white.

Now I'm gonna go make some food for myself and continue watching Gossip Girl. I am so hooked!


  1. Gossip Girl har givit oss en hel ny dagdröm :D Mr.Bass är nog oförglömlig! Likaså hans dame.

  2. So true! Förr förstod jag inte vad alla såg i Mr Bass men nu börjar jag förstå det! Helt otroligt!


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