Saturday, April 16, 2011


This blogging everyday hasn't really gone that well sadly, but I have been blogging a bit more than usual and that's good right?

Today I am really tired and I can't even stay at home (or at dad's place) and do nothing since I have to go and film the play my friend's been working on with a group of kids. It's gonna be fun to see it and all but I'm still very tired.

We watched Iron Man 2 yesterday. I really like the movie, mostly because I just like all the technical stuff there are. The computers and robots and all. I love it! And my dad has a new big tv and it was awesome to watch it on such a big screen!


  1. jätteglad att du var där trots allt <3

  2. Stefanie ---> Jag var glad att vara där! Det var så roligt att se pjäsen! Det var värt all möda!


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